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Top 10 digital marketing agencies in Viet Nam

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in Vietnam there are many famous digital marketing agencies from foreign corporations, to local agencies. In this article, MarketingAI synthesizes the 10 most prestigious digital marketing agencies in Vietnam and 8 right choice agencies  for businesses to choose to cooperate, and is a suggestion for students to enjoy digital marketers. can choose the ideal working environment for themselves.

1. VNG VNG Corporation is an enterprise serving over 80% of Internet users in Vietnam. VNG products are built as an ecosystem on the Internet, including online entertainment, news, social networking products and platforms connected to the online payment system. Among them are messaging application No. 1 - Zalo and Zing product group - Zing MP3, Zing News, Zing Me. VNG is also the largest game publisher and developer in Vietnam. VNG currently has more than 2000 employees working in the spirit of "Taking the challenge" for the mission of "Making the internet change the lives of Vietname…

10 of the best digital agency websites

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Agencies are often too busy working on other people’s digital products to actually sort out their own websites. However, there are plenty of good agency sites out there. And we’ve selected 10 of them. Most are from Econsultancy’s Top 100 Agencies report (free to download), which has a UK flavour, though many are international. Am I an expert in web design? Not really, but I’ve shown my workings below… 1. Made by ManyMade by Many has an incredibly clean-cut website. Rounded abstract shapes (some of which are subtly animated) and conversational copy give the agency a warm and friendly feel.There’s also an unmissable newsletter sign-up. It’s not all that common to see one of these so prominent on an agency website, but definitely a good idea, to ensnare those that might (one day) be considering enlisting a new agency. A social-style notification in the header menu alerts visitors to job vacancies – a clever way to catch the eye of prospective talent: 2. Stink StudiosThe Stink Studios web…