Top 10 digital marketing agencies in Viet Nam

in Vietnam there are many famous digital marketing agencies from foreign corporations, to local agencies. In this article, MarketingAI synthesizes the 10 most prestigious digital marketing agencies in Vietnam and 8 right choice agencies  for businesses to choose to cooperate, and is a suggestion for students to enjoy digital marketers. can choose the ideal working environment for themselves.

1. VNG

VNG Corporation is an enterprise serving over 80% of Internet users in Vietnam. VNG products are built as an ecosystem on the Internet, including online entertainment, news, social networking products and platforms connected to the online payment system. Among them are messaging application No. 1 - Zalo and Zing product group - Zing MP3, Zing News, Zing Me. VNG is also the largest game publisher and developer in Vietnam. VNG currently has more than 2000 employees working in the spirit of "Taking the challenge" for the mission of "Making the internet change the lives of Vietnamese people".

2. Moore

Moore Online Solution Development Joint Stock Company was established in 2007, currently has 2 branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Moore Corp has strong development steps in the field of online services, providing products such as advertising booking services, channel advertising, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, email marketing, solutions. e-newspaper publishing house CMS and e-portal portal solution, mobile solutions, online photo sharing network, website Moore Ads is currently a partner of more than 1500 large websites in Vietnam and serves nearly 2000 customers in the last 6 years.

3. Mix Digital

Mix Digital is digital marketing agency operating in the field of consulting, planning, and marketing deployment for businesses, focusing on social media marketing, content marketing, creative web design and analytics. Founded in 2012 in Hanoi, Mix Digital is currently in charge of the digital array for many familiar brands in Vietnam.

4. Admicro

Belonging to Vietnam Media Joint Stock Company VC CORP, Admicro is one of the largest digital agencies in Vietnam and is the leading national unit in the field of advertising advertising on the Internet. Admicro is the managing unit of Dantri, CafeF, Kenh14 ... Quite famous for Dislay Ads in recent years with the booking system in many areas such as beauty salons - spas, consumer goods, real estate, restaurants - food, ... With outstanding advantages in wide-ranging communication network, diverse products and services, and superior advertising technology, Admciro increasingly affirms its position and influence in Online media. Adidas, VinGroup, Hoang Phuc International, ... are among the customers of Admicro.  

5. YouNet Digital

With the pioneering role in the field of providing comprehensive Social solutions, together with its products and services,  YouNet has been bringing positive and positive growth values ​​to Vietnamese and World businesses thanks to increasing performance, collaboration and communication, reduce internal costs, understand markets and customers, strengthen and develop brands, increase business efficiency. YouNet is proud to affirm its position as a leading social company in the domestic and foreign markets with the development steps: Since 2010, YouNet is the world's largest company in consulting and developing social networks on the platform. popular SocialEngine, phpFox, Oxwall. Since 2013, YouNet is the company with the best platform for Social Media serving marketing, brand tracking and user research in Vietnam.

6. MediaZ

(Training logo of MediaZ)
MediaZ is a company headquartered in Hanoi, famous for its professionalism in Digital Marketing services. Developed by experts in the field of Digital Marketing, providing comprehensive services, from consulting to deployment, measuring effectiveness for campaigns.

7. DNA Digital

DNA Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides digital solutions to promote customer business. DNA specializes in providing strategy by digital marketing experts.

8. NovaON Digital

NovaOn Digital is digital marketing in charge of many different areas of digital marketing, divided into branches namely NovaAds (digital agency), NOVANET (adnetwork), FASTADS (digital marketing agency), NOVA REGIONAL (responsible digital marketing agency in each area ), NOVAON ALIBABA (taking part of digital marketing service export). With its position as one of the fastest growing agencies in Southeast Asia, NovaOn is gradually asserting its reputation with large-scale corporate customers to SMEs.

9. Golden Digital

Golden Digital is one of the digital agencies established in Vietnam and a member of Golden Communication Group (with more than 15 years of marketing communication experience in Vietnam), Golden's services include managing and developing battle. digital marketing strategy, mobile marketing planning, creative production services, tracking and analyzing each advertising campaign ...

10. YouNet Media

YouNet Media is the leading agency in Vietnam for online reputation management and monitoring solutions, Consumer and Market Information Services for other brands and marketing / digital / PR agencies.

Tips for quality digital marketing agency

In addition to the above 10 digital marketing agencies , Vietnam has many other famous agencies making it difficult to select an agency to cooperate with businesses. Choosing the right agency should not be the "closing your eyes and legs", try it before you know it. Before making a decision, consider a few tips below to get a more accurate decision:

1. Review agency selection process

Start with searching Google for each service provider. First, check out the agency's own avatar image on their own media and websites. Do you see any paid ads referring to them? How is SEO on their website?

2. Make sure agencies understand marketing more than advertising

A good agency must know many "marketing weapons" as well as "creative weapons", to be able to use the right tools and help you win on the battlefield. Don't choose agencies that know less.

3. Prioritize experienced agencies to run campaigns or understand your industry

Do they have experience in your industry? More importantly, are they really committed to working effectively for you? Make sure they have the desire and the ability to provide good service and creative works capable of creating mutations.
Choose to work with an agency that is knowledgeable about your industry, or at least have a passion to learn about it, have a thorough exploration of markets and competitors. If they thoroughly understand the market before speaking to you, then collaborate with them. If not, you have the answer.

4. Request a daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly report

If an agency does not provide any reports, be careful. If SEO is in the service pack, Google Analytics is sure to have. With Google Analytics, agencies can track all, from web traffic to transactions that have been done through advertising or through your website. The report is the minimum standard for all companies. If the item reporting results is not listed in the service provider table, ask. Objective data of the report helps prevent scams, even if you get unexpected results.

5. Evaluation of agency works

Consider and evaluate the quality of creative campaigns that the agency has run for other brands, be realistic and look at the results with specific numbers. If the campaign they do is really successful and well known, trust and choose them.
You can check the agency's credibility by digging deeper into how information is: What award has this Agency won? Is their customer listed, and if so, does their evidence or products be published on the website? Have they ever appeared in any publication, magazine, or media site in digital marketing? The more detailed information and positive response you find from this question, the more confirmed the quality of the product and service of that agency.

6. Continuously update the situation of personnel serving you

Many agencies hire good people with the main purpose of participating and winning "pitching - bidding" sessions. Then they did not care and did not interfere with the support when the campaign was executed daily. Once they have a contract with you, they will probably pitch to the next customer and leave you with new junior employees. So always ask about the members who will work with you from agency and ask them to stick with the project.

8. Attitudes of advertising companies

Do they show any attitude? Check to see who will work directly with you in terms of competence, experience and attitudes. Watch if they are listeners. Ensure that they understand the close relationship between profit and creativity. The relationship between the client and agency is really a right harmony.

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